The characters and events described here are fictitious and any similarities to any other persons or events, real or fictitious, are sheer coincidence. Eventually these stories will be edited and prepared for publishing.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This will be the story of a new-wave hippie, punk-rock rastafarian anarchist, infiltrating the enigmatic machine of society while simultaneously fighting the never ending battle against the forces of darkness wherever they might appear. A heroic and epic tale of the little-guy, overcoming all obstacles and excelling against all odds. I hope that in addition to being entertained you will find information here that will to help you to achieve all of your hopes and desires.

It began as a semi-autobiographical novel, but the chronological format was not conducive to the creative process, so I started adding short stories that will be grouped chronologically or categorized later; eventually these stories will be edited and prepared for publishing. I will include photos, and video to enhance your reading experience.

I am very interested in your feedback and comments, so please feel free to write me or use the comment form at the bottom of each post.
Be prepared to laugh, cry, and hopefully to learn something as we follow our hero in his incredible journey through this strange and brief trip that has come to be known as the human condition.

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Enjoy the stories!.

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