The characters and events described here are fictitious and any similarities to any other persons or events, real or fictitious, are sheer coincidence. Eventually these stories will be edited and prepared for publishing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1964 - Venice Beach, CA

Let the story begin in a commune in California, circa 1964. It doesn't matter where in California, but it was somewhere near Los Angeles. A man and a women met at a three-day party at the commune over the weekend. Nearly everyone at the party was on LSD which was a popular drug among the hip, young, middle-class at that time. After twelve hours of outrageous psychedelic hallucinations, they finally returned to human form and, when language was again an effective form of communication he asked her for a date. She agreed out of pure sexual attraction and, many days later, he called her on the phone...

At first she didn't know who was calling, but after he reminded her of the party it all came back. "I would love to see you again!" she said. He didn't have much (any) money, so he invited her over to his house. When she arrived he invited her in with a flourish and waved her over to his only chair in the middle of the room. It wasn't an ugly room, but it had very little in it--a few small scraps of paper appeared to have been blown in with the wind and rested near one of the walls. After he plied her with some cheap wine that he must have had left over (for it appeared to have already been opened), he recited some poetry and showed her some drawings which he had been working on and seemed to be rather proud of. As the evening progressed the room darkened with twilight, and he offered to prepare dinner...

All he had to offer her was some hot-dogs. And, because he had no electricity, he had to break his only chair into pieces and use it for fuel. In a large empty fire place they roasted their hot-dogs. They ate them without conversation. A little stale white-bread and some plain yellow-mustard were their only condiments.

As they ate the hot-dogs, she fell in love with his face: he was shorter than her--dark hair and muscular, he had a dangerous look. "He is both ugly and beautiful at the same time..." she thought to herself. He reminded her of some long deceased Italian artist. It didn't matter to her that he was poor; she desired him and she would have him now! They made love on an old mattress on the floor, in the middle of the house's only bedroom. They had no idea how deeply their futures would become entangled...soon they would create a new life!

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  2. That is a beautiful and poignant story.

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